7 Communication Mistakes

Lack of Specificity Be specific about what you want and what you will do.  Avoid using anytime, asap, whenever, soon and later.   Instead give a specific time, for example:  “Please respond by Friday at Noon.” Lack of desirable behaviors We often tell people what we do not want them to do, rather than what we […]

The importance of showing up

It is often said that so much of achieving goals boils down to persistence and “showing up”. Yesterday was my weekly morning hockey game and so I got up quite early, gathered my things and set out for a drive to the hockey rink. About halfway there, I realized that I had forgotten an important […]

I will, or I will

The English language is difficult to learn for several reasons, one of which being that there are many words spelled the same with entirely different meanings. For example the word “will”. In one sense, it connotes a future event, action or state. I will start to exercise, I will attend some social gathering, I will […]

Nothing changes before your mind

Maybe you are looking for a new partner/spouse, a new job, a new habit, better health, or more financial wellness. You can’t just start by trying to change your actions and expect any long term outcome to be different than what you are experiencing now. If you want your life to change, you must first […]

An inconvenient paradox

If you do things today that are hard, your life tomorrow will be easy. If you do things today that are easy, your life tomorrow will be hard. The key is to decide if you are going to focus on the short-term or the long-term.

Short term or long term success

Sometimes without thinking we can fall into the trap that the path to long-term “success” (however each of us may define that) is the result of many short-term “successes” happening. Over time successful days turn into successful weeks, then successful months and years. However this really isn’t the case. Life is not a continuous sequence […]

The “work/life balance”

The truth is that there really isn’t one. There is just life. Sometimes we work, sometimes we play, sometimes we rest, sometimes we exercise. Ideally you can’t tell the difference between work and play – because this means you love what you do for “work” which is the goal. In the end, the lesson is […]

The OZ Principle – properly ordered

I recently read “The OZ Principle: Getting Results through Individual and Organizational Accountability”. Drawing on the popular Wizard of Oz story and characters, the authors make several great points. However, I am afraid they missed a key part of the original story and the fundamental truths that are intertwined within this great work. In “The […]