The Provocateur

The World Sees Me as “The Provocateur”


  • You are a pioneering entrepreneur who breaks new ground.
  • You’re an independent thinker. You don’t follow the “party line.”
  • Autonomous and adventurous, you’re quick to respond to obstacles.
  • You thrive in a challenging environment where you’re able to try new approaches.
  • You are quick to grasp alternative viewpoints.
  • You’re able to look at the same old thing from a new perspective. That’s how you drive change.

Primary advantage: Innovation

  • While you tend to not draw attention to yourself, your ideas can be very attention-getting
  • Unorthodox and independent, you bring novel approaches and smart thinking to companies
  • Your work is usually cutting-edge. You find unexplored niches for existing products. You dream up new business models in mature industries. You change the rules of how to do business
  • You’re less overtly creative than other Innovation personalities, you don’t over-communicate, which adds to the curiosity you provoke

Primary personality descriptors

  • Embraces opportunities for change and exploration
  • Driven by a profound sense of adventure and creativity
  • Captivates with spontaneity and a quick wit
  • Values creativity and cutting-edge thinking
  • Attracts attention because of changing the game

Who you are:

  • Creative
  • Independent
  • Entrepreneurial

How you add value:

  • You quickly solve problems with fresh solutions
  • You’re able to generate ideas that surprise people with a new perspective
  • People watch to see what you’ll do next, because you thwart tradition

How to apply innovation to your work:

  • You are curious, unconventional, and seek new options.

Secondary advantage: Mystique

Secondary personality descriptors:

  • Intrigues others with understatement
  • Communicates selectively and purposefully, with a minimalist approach
  • Rarely shows their inner emotions
  • Remains calm in situations of pressure
  • Works independently without disclosing insider process
  • Subtle style makes every detail more influential

Who you are:

  • Independent
  • Logical
  • Observant

How you add value:

  • You persuade others by selectively culling your words and actions
  • You make careful decisions, usually thinking before acting
  • When you do share an idea or opinion, it carries more influence than it would for those who tend to “over-share”

How to apply Mystique to your work:

  • Your secondary mystique advantage means you have a complex mind and a reserved demeanor.

Dormant Advantage: Alert

You thrive in situations that allow you to design your own path. Avoid jobs that are highly regimented or tightly controlled. You’re unlikely to be your most successful if forced to constantly measure and manage each meticulous detail.