I will, or I will

The English language is difficult to learn for several reasons, one of which being that there are many words spelled the same with entirely different meanings. For example the word “will”.

In one sense, it connotes a future event, action or state. I will start to exercise, I will attend some social gathering, I will start waking up earlier, I will be more tolerant of other people, etc.

In the other sense, it means actually exerting the necessary mental and physical effort to cause something to happen (or stop happening) – as in “will power”. I will myself to go to the gym everyday, I will myself to quit smoking, I will myself to make 20 cold calls today, I will myself to focus on the task at hand, etc.

In order to create the future you want, you must exert your will right now. Hopefully you will spend your day today exerting your will to actually create the future you want, rather than letting yourself off the hook with vague excuses about what you might do some other time.

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