7 Communication Mistakes

Lack of Specificity

  • Be specific about what you want and what you will do.  Avoid using anytime, asap, whenever, soon and later.   Instead give a specific time, for example:  “Please respond by Friday at Noon.”

Lack of desirable behaviors

  • We often tell people what we do not want them to do, rather than what we would like them to do.  For example, one might say “don’t leave the dishes in the dishwasher.”  Better would be to say “put the dishes away when the dishwasher has completed its cycle.”

Lack of immediacy, urgency or promptness

  • Be proactive in your communication.
  • Say it now – festering fosters negativity.

Lack of Respectful rebuttals

  • Avoid using the terms: but, however and although.  For example: the work you did on the presentation was great, but you did not mention the growth we have seen.   What do you think the receiver got for a message from you? Try using and in place of but, however and although Better yet, think specifically about what you are trying to say.

Lack of appropriate tone or body language

  • Crossed arms, a particular “look” you may give, rolling your eyes, sighing, raising voices and sarcasm- undermine the trust and will erode relationships overtime.

Lack of focused attention

  • Not being present, tech distractions (you know what that looks like).
  • Command and demand attention. Let the person know you would like to discuss an important matter, and confirm when they are available to give you 10 minutes of undivided attention.

Lack of directness and candor

  • Be succinct, don’t use jargon, cliches or euphemisms.
  • Don’t be wishy-washy, be clear about the point you are trying to make.
  • Getting over the fear of having a conversation in the first place is part of this.
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