Getting better through experience

According to the USA Hockey Advanced Officiating Manual, the best officials are those who develop game management skills, an ability to exercise good judgment, and a demeanor of level-headed confidence.

In particular, this bullet point stuck out to me:

Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.

I’d say that same lesson applies to others who are developing some skill or talent besides officiating sports.

At first you aren’t very good. You keep doing the activity over and over again. You make tons of mistakes along the way. You learn from your mistakes. ¬†Hopefully you also observe and learn from the mistakes of others.

Then one day, you realize that you are much better than you were when you began, and that you usually perform at a high level without major mistakes.

You keep in mind that perfection in your craft is unattainable, but you keep doing it because you have fallen in love with the process of improving yourself and your ability to do something that makes you happy and provides a deep fulfillment as you release the depths of your talent and continue the process of creating a better version of yourself.

The people on top of their profession aren’t innately gifted or supremely talented. They are much more likely to be the ones who have worked through the most mistakes and failures.

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