Knowledge & faith

The difference between knowledge and faith:

  • Knowledge is believing after you see
  • Faith is believing before you see

There are few certainties in life beyond the famed “death & taxes”. Certainly very few when it comes to business or entrepreneurial opportunities.

To achieve your dream, to become the better version of yourself that you envision, to build a new company or invent something, you will walk a lonely journey of faith.

For a time, you will be the only person who believes the vision you hold in your mind can or will actually manifest itself one day in the future.

Just like Jordan Spieth tried to explain after his win last weekend at the British Open.

“I think just a little bit of belief that you are, you know. Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps are the greatest to ever do what they did, and I’m not. But if you believe that you are, then you’re almost as good as being that. And it’s so hard in that situation to believe that, but just having just the slightest bit of belief in it makes you so confident.”

Ignore the critics. You must have faith in your greatness before everyone else has knowledge of it. Your story cannot unfold any other way.

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